Jewellery Care

Keep Me Safe:

When you're not wearing your treasured Milou jewels, keep them safe in your very own Natural Linen jewellery box, provided with every order, this ensures that your favourite pieces will always be looking their best.

(Please note, one box is provided per customer)

From time to time, give your jewels a gentle wipe down with a soft cloth, to remove any dirt or oils from their surface, that they may have picked up, during your busy day.


Our stainless steel based jewellery is guaranteed to be 'tarnish resistant!' This means that the jewellery can get wet, without damaging the 18k Gold Plating, making it truly 'Life-Proof'.


All Milou items are 18K Gold Plated. 

This means that there is a thin layer of 18K Gold is applied onto the surface of the stainless steel base metal, through a process known as 'Physical Vapour Deposition' or PVD for short. This process permeates and physically bonds with the stainless steel base metal, to provide a tough, durable, 'Life-Proof' coating, suitable for sensitive skin.